Monday, August 25, 2008

Poems, Continued

Bah, here's another poem:

Twilight Machinery

She was a dynamo,
A cog in the twilight machinery.
Deafening silence follows.
Dawn comes, with Hope, and Light.
But it is so damn far away.
Reach out for it, smell it, taste it, feel it.
All senses are dead and blazing brilliantly.
A quiet heartbreak, not felt.
Gentle, like a mother-caress.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Poems of a Hopeless Mind

Dammit I was going to post this long and detailed account of what I did over the past three weeks, then I realized that no one but lame people would read that. So I'll just post a poem or two. Enjoy.


I hear the vibrations
The echoing screams of justice
Tearing at my ears.

I hear the thunder
The screeching sound of a tire
As it comes to a stop, revolted.

Can you not listen to yourself?
It's all the same
Mindless babble, the history of lovers.
Came at me with a razor blade, defected.

Merciless she-wolf, naked she comes.
Ripping through flesh and bone with steel teeth.
I'll keep stealing as I kept coming.

She soars, unblinking.
By your side, all time.
Why must I be so disappointed?

Eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling.
Unblinking eyes look back at me, blackest.
God it is lonely and cold deep in this ground.


Socrates' hemlock vines
Winding 'round columns of dying souls
A thousand men hang from nooses.

Under the knife
Zion speaks
And the people fall to the ground
Smashing their skulls on the pavement.

The baby of the neon, distended womb
Folds in on itself
Disappearing, disbelieving.

The poets tremble
Underneath the gaze
Of the All-Seeing Eye.

The horizon blazed afire
Great Helios falling beneath Earth Mother's gaze
dying with a smile on his lips.


Useless blood drips into the abyss far below
Feeding the Anu Machine.

Rejoice in the haze.
Blackened children
Run screaming into the chaos.