Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poem: Emerges Athena

This one's pretty short, but a friend told me to post it as-is. Enjoy.

Emerges Athena

From the eternal womb, bleeding and wretched,
Emerges Athena, in all her wounded, resplendent glory.
Irreversibly flawed, yet whole and complete all the same.

Let us go!
Go far away where their sharp knives cannot touch us.
For we are bare and indefensible,
Against the might of those on the mountain.

-Johannes de Silentio

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Poem: Brain Blaze

Brain Blaze

( twisted reality so very
a nirvana of
all senses
brain blaze brilliant
then die final death
praise praise the sun and moon and stars and sea
for they are the beloved of our mother
love & again they approach the altar
for there is no love at all except hatred
lovely people all around
they are contorted
& their image disturbed
i can feel it
i can feel everything )

- Johannes De Silentio

Poem: The Heron

Here's a dark one for you.

The Heron

( cypress skies; the lands of bounty
twirling swirling chaos
it went like this:
she saw the light
but the heron cared
not for it
he simply
distraught and confused
lunar people
knelt down
and prayed for the end of times
the burning cities
lit up the horizon
it was beautiful. )