Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Computer Death...

Unfortunately for you and me both, my computer has decided to die on me. This means that my archive of poetry has been lost, maybe permanently. Now, you can see how this would have a negative impact on me, but how does this affect you? Well, I was planning on going on a posting spree, maybe with one post every other day, possibly every day. That plan has now been abandoned, so all of you out there who enjoy my poetry may not get your fix. And I do apologize for not updating in almost a month. I place most of the blame on my co-blogger, San, who, despite my best efforts, refuses to post anything less than what he believes is "perfect", which is a shame for all of you, because he produces quite good stuff. Still, some of the blame belongs to myself, as I have been lax in my duty, which is to bring you beautiful, mostly ludicrous, poetry. Recently, I've been afflicted with an incurable case of happiness, which is not favorable to poetry-making. But I think that I'm learning to work under the influence of happiness, so you may see more of me yet.
Signing off,
Johannes de Silentio

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