Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poem: The Eternal Dream

the eternal dream

we plunged through the murky depths of the world
laughing our way through the hordes of blank faces
and empty seats on the subway.
flying through the milky way
in the hopes of reaching a different planet
fast in the pursuit of the eternal dream.
we let the demons run amok
indulging in their most horrible fantasies,
but we didn't care
their rage was absurd,
and empty
she led me through the dark corridors of my mind
the barest psych images slamming into me
stripping my soul naked.
desperately clutching on to my only salvation
i heard the preacher
his mouth was full of blood and fire
and he spoke words of terror.
for a moment i was frightened of this madman
but when i gazed into her infinite deep eyes, angelic,
i knew how pitiful he was
so i opened my third eye
and severed my chains
i am now truly free
and we journey on
through the valley of the kings,
we ride on the white-feathered wings of eternity.
climbing the spires of ten-thousand frantic suicides
i look below
and see the damned
clawing at my feet
screaming obscenities
i whispered no,
and they scurried back to their dark, forgotten halls,
shivering wretchedly in the cold.
there is no hope for these souls.
the soldier lays dying on the field of dust.
i saw him there, crying for his lost love.
but the black tears on his face,
they are from laughter.
for he has realized that the most precious thing about life
is that sometime, it must end.
although i'd like to stay for a bit,
and give honors to the dead
we must travel on...

Well, I think that this one turned out pretty well. I'm quite proud of it. It's not exactly finished yet, either. But leave a comment if you like it or dislike it, as long as you tell me why. I'd appreciate that.

-Johannes de Silentio

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